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To keep everyone safe on the roads, including you, your passengers, and other drivers, you should make sure that your vehicle is in tip-top shape. You can get a car inspection right here when you come to Samstone Auto Repair. Not only is a vehicle inspection necessary to make sure that your car is in working order, but state law mandates it as an environmentally conscious measure. Are you looking for “car inspection near me”? Samstone Auto Repair’s got you covered.

What Is a State Inspection?

A state auto inspection is a required annual inspection that every car registered in Texas has to go through. Your vehicle is thoroughly examined to determine whether or not it complies with safety standards. In 17 of our state’s counties, you must also get an emissions test done in addition to the safety inspection. Emissions tests make sure that your vehicle complies with the federally mandated clean air requirements.

State Inspection Cost

Your state inspection cost depends on how old the vehicle you’re driving is, what type of vehicle it is, and in which county it’s registered. All cars must go through comprehensive safety tests, but some must also go through emissions testing as well.

When Do You Need to Do an Inspection?

You must get an auto inspection every year and then place the inspection sticker on your vehicle to prove that your car has passed the proper inspection requirements. You have 90 days or less from the expiration date to get your inspection completed for your registration. Once you’ve received your inspection sticker, your vehicle is street legal for one complete year afterwards. You must then get another car inspection 90 days or less from the registration expiration again. You must repeat this process every year so long as you still own the vehicle and drive it.

What Will Be Inspected?

When your vehicle goes under an inspection, it is thoroughly checked to make sure that you, your passengers, and others on the road are safe should anything happen. One of the things we check for is leaks. Leaks are indicative of more significant problems. We also check that you have working brakes and that all fluids and oils are at the proper levels. Our technicians will then take a look at your tires to make sure that your tires still have treads and that they don’t have any unusual bumps or bulges.

In regards to emissions testing, the exhaust system is checked to see how much smoke you emit. If it’s above the state vehicle emissions standards, then your car will not pass the test.

Where Can I Get My Car Inspected?

When you search for “state inspection near me,” you’ll find that you can get a car inspection at Official Vehicle Inspection Stations licensed by the Department of Public Safety. Samstone Auto Repair is an authorized inspection station where you can get an official vehicle inspection done at an affordable price. If you need an auto inspection today, just visit us!

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