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Auto care is very important when it comes to getting the maximum mileage and usage out of your car. Whether it’s a secondhand or new car, there comes a time when you need to have car maintenance performed. When this time comes, Samstone Auto Repair of Allen is at the ready to inspect your vehicle thoroughly for any issues. Our ASE certified technicians can fix any problems found with total confidence.

What Maintenance Service We Offer

Samstone Auto Repair has the comprehensive car service in order to serve the local community at our fullest capacity. When it comes to vehicle maintenance, we are dedicated to helping you remain safe and secure on the road. Simply bringing your car into our auto shop for a tune up can make a world of difference when it comes to your vehicle’s performance. Our maintenance services that we offer include:

  • Tire rotation
  • Car tuning
  • Brake service
  • Oil change
  • Air conditioning repair
  • Wiper blades

What Is Included in the Regular Maintenance Covers

In your car’s manual, it’ll tell you when you need to bring your vehicle into Samstone Auto Repair for regular maintenance. If your vehicle is almost brand new, chances are, it is covered under warranty for mechanical problems if any are found. When you bring your car in for regular maintenance, the services usually performed are:

  • Tire rotation
  • Oil change
  • Filter change
  • Various inspections

Why It is Important to Get Your Car Serviced

It is important to get your car serviced on a regular basis because many problems are not noticeable until it’s too late and not only are you posing a danger to yourself when driving, but you’re also going to have shell out a ton of money to fix the problems. When you bring your car in for auto service, Samstone Auto Repair can catch those pesky problems in their early stages and nip them in the bud before they cause more damage to your vehicle.

It is also important to get a car tune up every once in a while because it can save you a lot of cash. Over time, your vehicle may start to deteriorate, which can cause it to not run as efficiently as it did before. The technicians at Samstone Auto Repair can perform expert maintenance services on your car so you can get more usage out of your car and better miles per gallon.

How Often Your Car Needs to be Service

When you first purchase your vehicle, the dealership will usually tell you when you need to bring your car in for service, in terms of mileage. As soon as you hit that number, you should bring it into Samstone Auto Repair for service. After the initial maintenance run, each time you come in for maintenance, we’ll put a service sticker in the corner of your windshield to let you know when you should next bring your car in for auto service. How often your car needs to be serviced depends on how often you drive it — if you drive a lot, you’ll find yourself getting maintenance services done on a pretty regular basis. Next time you’re looking up “car service near me”, turn to Samstone Auto Repair to provide the car maintenance services you need.

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