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Don't let car trouble or an accident catch you off guard. At Samstone Auto Repair, we know how important it is to address vehicle malfunctions/concerns quickly. Often, delaying simple repairs can actually lead to further complications that are far more expensive and difficult to resolve. When you contact our auto repair experts, we will set up an appointment to inspect your vehicle and then provide a recommendation as to the repairs necessary to make sure your vehicle is properly repaired.

Auto maintenance: Routine auto care is the key to making sure your car gets maximum mileage and has a long life. Whether new or second hand, it’s important to stay on top of car maintenance when your vehicle needs it. At Samstone Auto Repair in Plano, TX, we’ll inspect your vehicle thoroughly for issues and fix any problems found with total confidence.

Auto repair: If you’re dealing with a car breakdown or collision damage, our skilled mechanics at Samstone Auto Repair in Plano can help get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Our technicians are ASE certified and are skilled at pinpointing your car’s problems without taking up too much of your time.

Diagnostic test: If your check engine light pops on but your car feels like it’s running fine, it can be difficult to know whether to keep driving or if there’s a serious issue you’re ignoring. The best option is to bring your car in to Samstone Auto Repair for a diagnostic test. We’ll pinpoint what the check engine light means and whether it’s a quick fix like a loose gas cap or if entails a more involved repair.

Oil change: At Samstone Auto Repair, we offer amazingly low oil change prices so you can take good care of your car on a small budget. Routinely getting your oil changed is the key to lengthening the lifespan of your car and keeping its systems running smoothly.

State inspection: Our technicians at Samstone Auto Repair in Plano, TX, are qualified to conduct annually required state inspections to determine whether it’s in compliance with safety standards. We also conduct emissions tests, which are required in 17 of our state’s counties.

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Unlike other automotive repair centers in the area, we only hire ASE certified technicians to work for our company. ASE certification requires hours of training on various makes and models, thus you can rest easy knowing your vehicle is being serviced by a true professional. To reserve an appointment at our auto repair center, please contact our staff by calling 972-423-5829!

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